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Award-winning Katy real estate agent and expert in the Cross Creek Ranch neighborhood. I don’t just work here…I’ve lived in this area for over 20 years!

Licensed since 2009, I am a high-quality, low volume*, premium service real estate agent that provides one-on-one dedicated attention and customer service (see my client reviews).

*I’m not a mega-team agent who’s going to pass you on to someone else on my team.

I don’t “just” sell houses; I sell a SERVICE to guide home buyers (or sellers) through the entire real estate transaction, which usually takes several months. So I consider myself more of a real estate consultant than a salesperson.

Afterall, buying or selling a home is not like buying or selling a TV, a computer, or a car. You can’t buy/sell a home in one day…even if the buyer is paying cash. There are MANY legal aspects, deadlines, and requirements that most people are not trained to handle. What’s more…mistakes along the way can cost you thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The financial risk is much greater than just about anything else you may buy.

That’s why you need your own dedicated, experienced real estate agent looking out for YOUR best interests.

My focus is on guiding home buyers and sellers through the entire, multi-phased real estate transaction, looking out for YOUR best interests, and PROTECTING your interests to the best of my ability. There are high financial risks and legal repercussions associated with buying and selling a home, and I provide the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process.

My clients are generally amazed with my personal dedication and professional expertise, and they usually describe my services as “ABOVE AND BEYOND” their expectations.

List of My Valuable Services

My job isn’t “just” helping you find a house to buy…I’m helping you through the entire 2-4 month process of buying a home. There are over 100 tasks that I perform during the purchasing process. I’m looking out for you every step of the way and keeping my eye on the listing agent, the seller, the builder (if applicable), the lender, the inspector, appraiser, HOA, and the title company. I’m on YOUR side because I’m YOUR agent.

I help with price analysis, contract negotiations, legal paperwork, inspections, appraisal issues, repair negotiations, home warranties, HOA compliance inspections, hazard insurance, surveys, title commitment, home warranties, and more. I have the expertise to help solve complicated problems that often occur in the process and I work to make sure that you don’t lose your earnest money or worse.

Real estate is a huge financial and legal commitment. Don’t you deserve to have a Five-Star real estate agent on your side? 

Here’s How I Add Value to Your Home Buying Process:

  1. Premium, customized home search (based on my knowledge of the area school ratings and flood zones) to filter out homes that don’t meet your criteria. You can’t get this level of a home search on your own!
  2. Online home review BEFORE you tour a house, to look for potential defects such as high-risk flood zone, high-voltage power lines, MUD tanks, previous flooding, and other issues…so you don’t waste time touring undesirable homes.
  3. Detailed home tours (in-person or via VIDEO* for out-of-town clients), where I help identify the features and benefits of each home and neighborhood as well as any potential home defects (so you don’t end up with a “money pit”).

    *I’ve sold many homes “sight unseen” to out-of-state an out-of-country clients, via my HD video walkthroughs (view sample). I will even video the inspector summary and final walkthrough for you. 

  4. Hyperlocal knowledge and expertise so I can point out the amenities, PROs and CONs, and HOA details of most neighborhoods in this area.
  5. “Sheila’s Home Buyer Guide” for THIS AREA (not generic) that includes helpful info about the INs and OUTs of the home buying process here in Texas. Remember that real estate laws are different from state to state.
  6. Detailed pricing data and expert Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) on the house you select to purchase, so you can make a good decision regarding the price. Pricing homes is my superpower! 😊
  7. Expert contract creation and negotiations to help you get the house you want…even in multi-offer situations.
  8. Assistance with hiring home inspectors, reviewing inspection reports, and guiding you on necessary repairs/costs so you make the wisest decision in your home purchase.
  9. Floorplans! I can create a floorplan of any home you purchase, whether provided by the home seller or not.
  10. Project management of all the legal deadlines and requirements throughout the transaction. You’ve got enough to deal with the packing, moving, and job/school relocation activities!
  11. Assistance in managing the title commitment/insurance process and working with the title company (to make sure there are no liens on the property).
  12. Assistance with home surveys and their impact on your transaction.
  13. Assistance with appraisals and their impact on your transaction. I know how to protect you if the appraisal “comes in low” (which can happen in super-hot seller markets like ours).
  14. Assistance with HOA compliance documents, fees, and procedures.
  15. Help with obtaining home owner’s insurance and flood insurance.
  16. Guidance with choosing a home warranty as needed.
  17. Helpful information regarding all the utilities (MUD info) applicable to the home you purchase.
  18. Helpful “Planning the Move” information and “Info About New Home” that will help make your transition easier.
  19. “Moving Survival Kit” provided as my Closing gift. This contains the things you will need on your moving day (but are usually packed) such as: soap, trash bags, paper plates, cups, toilet paper, snacks, box cutter, etc.
  20. Guidance on your homestead tax exemption and how to apply for it in a timely manner to reduce your property taxes.
  21. Helpful monthly home maintenance reminders, to take care of your investment!

Whew! That’s way more than “just” showing houses. 😄

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My Reputation

Don’t take my word for it. I have received the Five-Star Real Estate Agent award for the past FOURTEEN YEARS because of my client satisfaction ratings.  

Less than 1 percent of all agents have received this award for FOURTEEN YEARS IN A ROW!


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Hey! My name is Sheila Cox, a Katy real estate agent. I have lived in this area since 1998…starting in Upper Kirby, then Westchase, then Sugar Land, Richmond, and now Katy. So I guess you can say I know the area. I wrote every word and took every local photo and video that you see on this website…so I hope that proves that I’m the local area expert. 😀

I have been a Katy real estate agent since 2009 and I really enjoy the complexity of this business. I’m one of those “think outside of the box” problem-solvers that my clients find invaluable when problems crop up in the real estate transaction. (If you have ever bought or sold a house before, you know what I mean.) Before I became a Katy real estate agent, I worked as an instructional designer, corporate trainer, and tech writer in the software industry. That’s how I learned to do websites!

On a personal note, I have a teenage daughter who is my pride and joy. She was a “band geek” (saxophone and oboe) at the awesome Seven Lakes High School and graduated from there in 2022. We enjoy going for walks around our Katy neighborhood with our little Rat Terrier/Dachshund mix “Darla” and visiting Galveston Island. I enjoy Live Music (especially Classic Rock!), healthy green-living, beaches/oceans, reading biographies and historical fiction, Tex-Mex food, college and professional football, and helping other real estate agents improve their business skills. I was voted “Wittiest” of my Senior class in high school (a hundred years ago) so I have a fun sense of humor and speak sarcasm fluently (but not when on the job). 

Hiring the right real estate agent is very important, but you need someone that has more than “personality” going for them. This is (probably) your largest financial investment, so please consider these five important reasons why you should work with me:

  1. Even though I have a fun, upbeat personality, I am also smart and analytical…so I can help pinpoint PROs and CONs of homes and situations in a way that truly helps you “cut to the chase” and make the wisest decisions and solve problems quickly.
  2. Because I am analytical, I provide you with important data that you can’t get online…to help with pricing decisions. I hate to say it, but most agents have no idea how to pull all the data, reports, charts, and stats that I will provide you. My goal is to ensure that you always get a good deal in your real estate transaction.
  3. Since I have lived in this area since 1998, I really know the area and can listen to your needs and help you narrow your options so you can focus the best neighborhoods to meet your specifications.
  4. I take my “fiduciary duty” to you very seriously and I’m always looking out for your best interest. You can be sure that I am on your side and that I “have your back.” 
  5. I’ve selling real estate since 2009. My expertise and knowledge will be invaluable to you when challenges pop up in the process. Plus, my expertise enables me to make the process as smooth as possible for you…providing you with the help and guidance you need along the way.

Video Introduction

I Love My Clients!

I am an equal-opportunity real estate agent and love the diversity of our area.

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Real estate agents don’t “just” sell houses; we sell a SERVICE to guide home buyers and sellers through the entire real estate transaction, which usually takes several months. We are more like real estate consultants than we are salespeople. That’s probably why 86 percent of all home buyers and sellers choose to hire a real estate agent when buying or selling a home!

Buying or selling a home is not like buying or selling a TV, a computer, or a car. You can’t buy/sell a home in one day…even if the buyer is paying cash. There are MANY legal aspects, deadlines, and requirements that most people are not trained to handle. What’s more…mistakes along the way can cost you thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The financial risk is much greater than just about anything else you may buy.

That’s why you need your own dedicated, experienced real estate agent
looking out for YOUR best interests.

Please read the list of my value-added services for home buyers


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Guide: Best Places to Live in Katy
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Katy Real Estate Market Report
Cross Creek Ranch Neighborhood Guide
Cross Creek Ranch Market Report

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Why You Should Hire Me

sheila cox five star realtor5Candid Advice—I promise to give you candid advice on all homes and areas so you can make the best decisions. I won’t ignore potential defects that can cost you money, or effect your resale value, in the future…I point them out to you! My job is to protect you from defective homes as much as possible while helping you make a sound financial investment. (Read client testimonials)

Local Area Expertise—This isn’t just my business…it’s where I work and live (for 20 years) so I really know the area. I will help you narrow your options and find the best neighborhood for you based on your specifications. For long-term resale value, the neighborhood you choose is just as important as the home you buy. (Download my Ultimate Katy Guide)

Great Pricing Data—I will give you the most in-depth data you have ever seen…to help you make the wisest decisions. This includes a professional CMA when you are ready to purchase a specific home…so you don’t pay too much. (Also see Pricing a Home Correctly)

Premium Customized Home Searches—Yes, you can search on your own, but no other home search available can filter down to the school level…and filter out the subdivisions that may be known to flood. Tell me exactly what you want, and I can narrow down your options better than any search you have access to. (Request a Premium Customized Home Search)

Video Walkthroughs—If you or your spouse lives out of the state or country, then you will enjoy my detailed video walkthroughs. I have sold multiple homes to out-of-area clients “sight unseen” by providing High Definition video walkthroughs of potential homes. My videos show front and back yards, closets, pantries, laundry rooms, and the garage…as well as the entire home. This gives you a complete picture of the house (unlike those silly Matterports). I also point out any potential defects or deferred maintenance that I see. (view sample video walkthrough)

Easier Process—Moving your family (and possibly changing jobs) is stressful enough. I’m your transaction manager and will guide you, step-by-step, through the process so you never miss an important deadline. I assist with inspections, repair negotiations, home warranties, HOA compliance inspections, hazard insurance, surveys, appraisals, title commitment, home warranties, title company, and more. (Get Details of My Value-Added Services)


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